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Escape Hunt FAQs

Can our company do team building here? Absolutely. Please contact us directly for further details of a arranging a private corporate event. We specialize in team building exercises by playing the games first as groups and then seminar sessions afterwards to build on corporate objectives such as ice breaking, group puzzles, IQ testing, evaluation as well as having fun!

What kind of corporate events can we do? The idea is learning through play. We aim to assess, discuss, analyze and teach. We do all of the above for teamwork, leadership, personal motivation, team structure, empowerment, initiative building, ongoing corporate and individual improvement. We use game-play to challenge people individually and in group settings.

We observe the individual and group interaction and provide profiling based on this and subsequent seminar discussion. We set discussion tasks and assess ability to solve these real world tasks also. Finally, we discuss findings at individual and management levels and provide a verbal and written assessment (output) as required. All work is based on a combination of sound organizational psychology principles and practical change management tools.

Do you offer programs for social events?  Yes, we do! Choose from a wide variety of social events catered to the needs of your group or your party. We offer indoor events that will be sure to create a memorable experience for your friends and family! Book a birthday party, family reunion, or even a school field trip with us now!

What is the best program? Our experience shows that the ideal program is a combination of an escape game play followed by group work/traditional team building activities, but you can choose to play one game only or a game followed by another game. This can all be adapted for group sizes between 12 and 48, for different times of the day and to suit different corporate needs, but will usually be a 3 hour event similar to the following:

  1. Play our world famous escape games in the rooms as a group (60 mins).
  2. Break to relax and have tea and biscuits (30 mins).
  3. Group exercises in our team building area. These can be ice breaking, sales training, customer service training, team building  (60 mins) OR play another game.
  4. De-brief and close (30 mins).

How many people can you accommodate? Please contact your local branch to discuss this, as each location will have different capacities.

How have the corporate events been designed? Our founder is a qualified psychologist who specialized in and practiced organizational (work) psychology. He used these skills coupled with a broad commercial background to consult for many companies over his career. He brings these skills to our Escape Hunt corporate challenges to make something truly unique.

How can we organize our corporate event? We deal with our corporate clients directly. We prefer to deal directly with you rather than via a travel agent, MICE organizer or event planner. In our experience, these third parties cannot communicate the options effectively and so much detail is lost in translation. For this reason we strongly urge you to contact us directly.

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