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The Escape Hunt Experience is a fantastic global entertainment franchise offering unique ‘escape the room’ adventures to the public and corporate clients all over the world. We have more branches around the world than any other company, everywhere from Sydney to Paris, Dubai to Houston, and we are the acknowledged global leader in this fast growing entertainment industry. Since opening, we have offered well over 25 million minutes of gameplay worldwide!

The Escape Hunt Experience began in Thailand in 2013, and since then we have entertained many tens of thousands of guests worldwide, both young and old, companies and families. The newly-opened Miami branch has several internal rooms making it an ideal choice for groups of 2 to many more.

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We offer a mini theme park role playing experience based on the classic ‘escape the room’ games now popular in many places around the world but taken to a whole new level! Some call it “experiential entertainment,” others call it the best fun you can possibly have with your friends, colleagues or loved ones!

The Miami branch is part of the global business and it operates to the highest possible standards:

  • Excellence in game design with constant innovation – games are changed every 12 months on average
  • Highest possible customer service at every branch – you get a true 5 star experience in Miami in our luxurious lounge
  • Total commitment to franchisee and branch support – Miami branch is fully supported in the global branch network

“Amazing place for people who like to use their brains and can handle solving clues.  I had a great time and will go again with friends to solve another room and get out before 60 mins.  I would love to give credit to Jan, our game master, who was friendly and guided us through.  Overall it is an amazing place to visit and spend 1 and a half hours…”  

Pranay S., June 2015 TripAdvisor (Bangkok branch)

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The Escape Hunt Experience Miami offers a true “experience” where you are transported to another era. For example, you can play the part of a famous London detective with your colleagues trying to solve a unique mystery. As a team, you play against the clock in one of our rooms to solve the challenge and thereby find your escape. Our adventures last around 90 minutes – after a short briefing you play your 60 minute game.  Afterwards, you can chat about your experience in our luxurious lounge over refreshments and then dress up in our special outfits for photos.

The Escape Hunt Experience is unique and unlike any other adventure game anywhere in the world for many reasons, not least:

  • Our adventures are themed to Miami with games changing every 12 months on average
  • All adventures are available from just 2 players upwards in a themed room with a dedicated game master
  • Your own dedicated game master will help as you need it (or request it!)
  • There is a luxury lounge with refreshments and free wifi
  • After the game you can dress up and take photos in our special costumes with your game master
  • Your game master is your personal guide throughout the whole experience
  • We have special high quality souvenir merchandise for sale at reasonable prices
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We are one of the few game centers in the world to welcome groups of only 2 players.  This means you can have a wonderful personal experience for just the two of you.  Add in the fact you are in your own private room, it becomes a very special event.

[ish_divider][ish_divider][ish_headline tag_size=”h3″ align=”center” global_atts=”yes” style=”min-height: 50px;”]Quality Family Time[/ish_headline]

In a world of personal gadgets and online experience, this is a special opportunity to spend some amazing time with your family.  An adventure with us will give you memories that you will treasure for many years to come!

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Whether it’s a Friday night or a Monday afternoon, we are open to host your workday get-away.  Whether you are friends, work colleagues or both, come and enjoy a fun-filled adventure in Miami competing against the clock.

[ish_divider][ish_divider][ish_headline tag_size=”h3″ align=”center”]Corporate Team Building[/ish_headline]

The Escape Hunt Experience has a large corporate following.  Companies choose us for their corporate team building because this is about the most fun you can have in a supervised learning environment!